San Pancho Restaurants Maria’s Restaurant in Mexico

San Pancho Restaurants; San Pancho Favorite

In San Pancho Mexico, or San Francisco, Nayarit, is the wonderful and locals favorite of San Pancho restaurants is Maria’s Restaurant and Bar, which is family owned and operated. When I say family owned and operated,  that means when you come in, Maria herself is there to greet and seat you! Chef Andres, her husband, cooks and manages in the kitchen.
Her and the staff’s  big warm and welcoming smiles make you feel right at home! This San Pancho restaurant is not their first San Pancho restaurants location, however, this new location, about a year young, is the best! Being right on the main avenue makes it easy to find, and they finally own their own space!

Its summer time, and the living is easy in San Pancho on the Riviera Nayarit. With seating inside, where the ambiance is brightly painted and welcoming, or outside under an umbrella, there is a comfortable spot for everyone. Having staff that is completely bilingual  in a San Pancho restaurants is nice too!

Every time I visit this awesome San Pancho restaurants easy to find location it has been a different time of the day. So I have been fortunate enough to try a variety of my favorite food items, from their perfectly over easy eggs with these irresistible and incredible delicious potatoes along with an order of freshly squeezed orange juice, to delicious green salads,or a  smoothie for a pick me up during the day, and an exquisite dinner of steak, tender and prepared exactly the way I like it, medium rare with all of the tasty sides. Everything I have ordered has truly been wonderful, and nicely plated as well. And, YES, I have really ordered and loved their food!
They also have a full on coffee bar with great lattes, and a full alcohol bar, tasty margaritas and mixed drinks, also complimenting your meal with a nice list of wines by the bottle or glass.
San Pancho restaurants are many, however, this San Pancho restaurant, Maria’s Restaurant and Bar, is a local’s favorite for several years now.  Maria’s is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week, and all summer long too! Excluding Wednesdays, as everyone deserves at least one day off! Come on by and say, “hi”! They will welcome you with big smiles and great service! For San Pancho restaurants, this one is tops!

Check out the San Pancho restaurants who are open all year
around on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico!

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San Pancho Mexico Birding Conservation Efforts

Bird Conservation San Pancho Mexico & Riviera Nayarit Coast

San Pancho Mexico (San Francisco, Nayarit) is lucky to have Luis Morales, who is heading up the non profit organization and 2nd birding observatory in all of Mexico, the San Pancho Birding Observatory.
The Riviera Nayarit coast line has so much wildlife to discover, and protect, form growth, trafficking and chemicals.
Here is a letter from Luis Morales, discussing these very issues, and the strategy of the SPBO’s  future.

This photo (above) is of Luis at the Bucerias Bilingual Community Center ( BBCC) teaching the children about birding during their Kids Summer Classes this year. Everyone had a terrific time! 

A Note from Luis Morales
With over 300 species of migratory and resident bird species, the Riviera Nayarit coast is perhaps one of the world´s most bird-diverse areas; such diversity of bird life represents an invaluable heritage that has captivated the eye of birdwatchers for decades.
Unfortunately there are several threats to this natural treasure: uncontrolled urban and tourist development, illegal traffic of species and excessive use of agro-chemical products are only a few.
In San Pancho Mexico, the San Pancho Bird Observatory (SPBO)´s  bird conservation strategy involves the creation of partnerships to integrate educational and bird monitoring programs that support sustainable-development at communities.
This model results in job creation in the fields of Eco tourism and science, encouraging professional education and improving the decision-making process for natural-resource management.
As part of an international partnership between the Rotary Clubs of Jaltemba Bay and Ashland, Oregon, USA; SPBO and Klamath Bird Observatory (KBO) got a proposal approved by the Rotary International Foundation to deliver a bird-monitoring training workshop mainly for young professionals in this region.  Such scientific training will take place in early 2014.

As a preparation for such scientific monitoring workshops in San Pancho Mexico, SPBO is developing a program to deliver bird identification workshops using online videos and educational materials at 10 different community centers in the municipalities of Bahía de Banderas and Compostela, Nayarit. Such workshops are being possible thanks to volunteer efforts at each town and the coordination of non-profit organizations, hotels, B & B´s and individuals all over the region:  Cambiando Vidas, Casa de la Tercera Edad, Casa Pacífica,  and  Majahua Resort Tapas Bar at Chacala; Amigos de Jaltemba Community Center, Rotary Club and teacher Gema Márquez at Bahía de Jaltemba; Casa de los Niños and Mar al Cielo Retreat at lo de Marcos; Entreamigos at San Francisco (San Pancho Mexico); Casa Clú at San Ignacio; Casa de la Cultura,(Sayulita Mexico) and the Bucerias Bilingual Community Center (BBCC) in Bucerias Mexico.

Grupo Pro-Sayulita and Steve Pomeroy at Sayulita; PEACE, Punta de Mita Foundation and IMANTA resort at Higuera Blanca and Punta de Mita and Bucerías´Bilingual Community Center.  Besides, the Banderas Bay Initiative
helps with the creation of educational materials.

It is important to mention that despite these unprecedented collaborations, significant funds are still needed to fuel the San Pancho Mexico birding workshops program being organized by SPBO.  Tax-deductible donations are received both in Mexico and the USA; volunteers and in-kind donations of birding books and equipment are also welcome.

For more information please contact Luis Morales at SPBO.
Remember that even many small contributions can make a big difference, you too can be part of this change for bird conservation at the Nayarit coast!!!

Additional notes:
SPBO is part of the Banderas Bay regional bird conservation planning group which gathers individuals from public, private, academic and social sectors in the Bahia de Banderas region. SPBO will be participating at Partner´s in Flight V conference being held at Snowbird Utah in August 2013 which will facilitate implementing bird and habitat conservation programs in this region aligned with continental bird conservation efforts. In March 2014 SPBO is hosting a birdwatching retreat with Audubon Society of Portland which will be a great opportunity to promote such amazing collaborative efforts being made in the region.

San Pancho Mexico, home of San Pancho Birding Observatory, needs your support for the conservation of the Riviera Nayarit wildlife.

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San Pancho Summer Super Moon & Soltice

Hola San Pancho! We have finally seen some rain these last few days, and things are already starting to look a bit more green! Today is the summer solstice, and the Super Moon, which is when the moon is closest to the earth. Perfect for photos!

Today’s weather was clear and sunny, but now the afternoon skies are filling up with dark clouds and noise of the thunder booming in the distance. It looks like more rain is in our forecast. I hope we will be able to see that “Super Moon” later this evening.

This is a photo of the San Pancho Malecon, and the wall mural where a story is told. You can find vendors set up here by the playa with their wares for fun shopping, most of which are made by hand.

San Pancho Rental Refugio de Sol

If your looking for a summer rental why not try the San Pancho Hostel, or Refugio de Sol Bed and Breakfast? Their breakfast is a delicious all organic fare.
With bikes and carts to travel to the shops and beach, this San Pancho rental can’t compare for service and kindness.

The new San Pancho Surf and Beach Shop is located below Refugio De Sol and in front of the San Pancho Hostel has board rentals, snorkeling gear and really nice swim suits.There is also a different variety of things in the shop to check out! Stop in to say hello…

Maria’s Restaurant and Bar

Dining out at Maria’s Restaurant and Bar has never been better!
This local’s favorite San Pancho restaurant is perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
They also have great tasting smoothies, a nice selection of wines along with a full bar.
Use the contact form to inquire about live music events!

Kathy Blue ~ Living in Joy
Facilitate change in all areas of your life with Access Consciousness and the Bars work.
Clearing out the emotional triggers that are attached to thoughts can make life much more enjoyable.

My work  is to facilitate people in these amazing times, there no need on my part to know your story just a few key words like, ” I’d like to work on clear things to do with family or money or addiction…etc.”

Horseback Riding Lessons with Ceci Rule
Discover how much fun Horseback Vaulting lessons in San Pancho can be with Ceci Horseback Vaulting San Pancho at the amazing La Patrona Polo Club.
These horseback riding lessons are valuable as they help children and adults with their balance, coordination and motor skills.
What a great way for the kids of San Pancho to have fun this summer!

Hola Volunteers, Supporters and Readers ~
On June 1st, the 2012 nesting season came to an end, and the finial records show over 1,433 nests were recorded, and a estimated 105,600 Photohatchlings were released.  Looking back over the past 22 years I’ve noticed one alarming trend, between mid-November and the end of May of this season we recorded over 72 nests.  72 nests was actually ten times more than we recorded over the first 12 year period between mid-November and the end of May.  On June 1st, the first day of the 2013 nesting season we found two nests, while over the entire month of June we normally find no more than six.  Are these late season nests a prelude to another huge season?

A special thanks to all our donors that have contributed to our marine turtle program this year and over the past two decades.  We couldn’t do what we do without your help.  We would also like to thank the Polo Club, La Patrona and Raphael Sprawls for the loan of a vehicle ‘the mule” after the dune buggy went up in flames last summer.  To help in the collection of nests and the releasing of hatchlings, Raphael of the Polo Club has also offered to offset some of this summer’s dune buggy expenses by supplying gasoline.

New laws for an old problem, a feature article in the May 19th issue of the Banderas Newsletter details new laws issued by the Mexican Government to protect the marine turtle.  The laws itself is eleven pages long, and at this time we are not sure how they laws will help our program.

Joslin, one of our volunteers has put together a Facebook page on our marine turtle actives, see San Pancho Turtles.

This May we were able to complete the last major pre-season project.  The completion of a new cement floor under the work area in front of the box nursery, the finishing touch will come in early June when we plan to setup a rain/shade tarp over the tables and equipment, and a new 20/80 shade cloth over the nursery.
Photo: We <3 our volunteers!!!
Volunteer wise, following is a look into the lineup of this season 25 volunteers: 64% are former, 36% are new – 72% are female, 28% are male –  44% are under 49, and 46% are over the age of 50 – 1 is from Australia, 1 from Germany, 1 from Hungary, 4 from México, 2 from the United Kingdom, and 16 are from the US.  For a better look at this lineup go to: Selected.  And keep in mind, we still need the help of at least two more volunteer or two couples.

Town wise,  There are three key construction projects in progress, crews on Hardesty’s museum property are building a rock retaining wall along the river, but have temporarily locked horns with the government on just where the lagoon begins or ends.  Hardesty is planning to build several very nice homes and a hotel on this site.  The gas station looks about finished except for the store which is still unfinished. Over the past two years the Polo Club, “La Patrona” has been carefully transforming the river basin above town into what will be in November a stylish world class polo grounds, featuring two polo fields, clubhouse, restaurant/bar and a equestrian training school – which now tutors jumping, dressage and many other equestrian skills.
In early May the pesos dipped to about 11.9 and by the end of the month rose to 12.6. Regular gasoline is $3.41 a gallon.
Frank D. Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C.
Skype — turtlebee
Tel. 311-258-4100

Come and enjoy a San Pancho Summer on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico!

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San Pancho La Patrona Polo Club

An Evening of Elegant Grace in San Pancho

La Patrona Polo Club, in San Pancho, on the Riviera Nayarit simply cannot be missed – it defines a visit to this world class region of Mexico.  A Saturday evening watching polo and dining in elegance is an excellent start – at La Patrona Polo Club it is only the beginning – but I’m getting ahead of the story.  I attended the polo last Saturday, and I was pleasantly surprised to find myself immediately immersed in the sport.
Chris King does an outstanding job of “color commentary” – explaining the more arcane points of the game – invented
in Persia in the 5th Century, revived in Manipur, India where it was discovered by the British and eventually exported to the world.

Last Weekend of the Season
Saturday, May 1st will be the last polo match of the season. There will be an exhibition with Ceci Rules from Ceci Horseback Vaulting San Pancho, La Patrona Polo Club with her students showing their horse vaulting skills from taking lessons this year.
These horseback riding lessons are valuable as they help children and adults with their balance, coordination and motor skills. Its also a lot of fun!

There will be live music after the polo match with some great blues and jazz tunes by the band “Coco Ache”. Enjoy a delightful evening at the La Patrona Polo Club!

The “Game of Kings”
The “Game of Kings” as it is sometimes known, is well represented in San Pancho.  At La Patrona Polo Club a guest is only feet from the pageantry of the game, the athletic riders, the snorting horses and all of the action.  A periodic announcement reminds diners that when play moves to the near boundary it is well to pay attention as an errant ball could land in your soup!  The evening I attended San Pancho (La Patrona) was hosting the Riviera Nayarit squad.  The match was very entertaining:  riders dash forward on their ponies, tirelessly working the ball toward the goal, while the other team, just as passionately defends it.  As the struggle, once used to train cavalrymen. sweeps from one end of the arena to the other amidst amazing feats of horsemanship and agility, aficianados shout encouragement to their favorite riders, and the grace and beauty of the horses inspire, it is impossible not to be swept up in the game.  On this evening, La Patrona lost a hotly contested match 9-5 to Riviera Nayarit.

As we sat in our chairs, watching each successive chukka, we were at the same time wining and dining in unrivaled elegance.  Perhaps it is the soft evening light, or the romance of the game, but the ambiance at the San Pancho La Patrona Polo Club is a very special thing.  One enters the club through a small but very well executed polo museum, chronicling the history and development of the game in Mexico.  As you exit the museum, you descend a rather dramatic staircase and enter the al fresco dining area, dotted with umbrellas to soften the last of the days heat.  As your host leads you to your table you realize that the playing field is quite literally only feet away and that you have entered a different world, right here in San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico.
Fabulous Dining Experience

As we perused our menus, Joel, our waiter, used his excellent English, to introduce himself and carefully answer our questions.  As the game, and diner, progressed it became obvious that someone who knows their business is running the food and beverage side of San Pancho La Patrona Polo Club.  After perusing the wine list and consulting with the lead bartender I ordered a fine Bordeaux that lovingly accompanied our mahi mahi with chile sauce and grilled halibut.  For starters we enjoyed an excellent shrimp salad and a wonderful endive salad.  At every turn, Joel was at the jump – but never hovering, but always handy – the obvious result of excellent training.  We enjoyed our meal immensely!

As the sun slowly released its grip on the day, and the shadows lengthened, the last chukka drew to an end, as did our perfectly crafted raspberry filo pastry and ice cream dessert.  But the evening was really just beginning.  As the sun finished it’s descent we enjoyed watching the awards ceremony, honoring the winners – but more obviously, celebrating the great respect and friendship among these fine athletes.

As night deepened we were treated to a trio of Guadalajara style mariachis – and we thoroughly enjoyed their visit to our table.  Then as the last plates quietly disappeared and brandy was served a large Cuban band began playing their distinctive music with it’s European, Carib-Indio, and African overtones.  Then, quite unexpectedly, we were treated to a display of Mexican dressage.  A spotlight followed rider and horse as they performed their intricate dance across the polo field, spinning, trotting, prancing, and side passing – each movement perfectly choreographed to the music!

The Cuban ensemble returned after the dressage, and the dancing began in earnest!  Yes, you get all that and dancing too!  An evening at the La Patrona Polo Club is a very special event indeed.  Laced with history and pageantry, punctuated with shouts from the crowd as daring players score goals, a sense of excitement accompanies the good food and outstanding service.  As evening falls, awards are given and the romance of the setting begins to grow:  the gas lanterns are lit, your table takes on an intimate feeling of privacy, the shouts of the aficianados are replaced with the mummers of lovers, and the pace slows to the beat of hearts entwined.
Come to La Patrona Polo Club, and bring a date – you’ll be glad you did.

Discover San Pancho La Patrona Polo Club on the Riviera Nayarit in amazing Mexico!

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San Pancho Community Summer 2013

San Pancho Community Summer Fun

San Pancho, (San Francisco, Nayarit) like most of the Riviera Nayarit, slows down for the summer season. But, what this can mean for you is a quiet Summer San Pancho vacation, having the beaches and beautiful estuary practically to yourself! Stretched out in a lounge chair under an umbrella. sipping on a chilly drink on the playa. and relaxing for the first day or two is the perfect way to begin your San Pancho vacation.
There are plenty of adventures and activities for when your feeling ready to go! Surfing, SUP, hikes, scuba, fishing, and tours like the Alta Vista Petroglyphs, turtle releases (I believe 2 more releases this month!) and Birding Tours are all waiting for you to participate this summer.
Imagine at the end of the day walking with your love on the beach, enjoying the amazing San Pancho sunset.
Its true, many restaurants and rentals are closed until the next “high season”, but the locals favorites remain open year around.
Now is the time to book for next season to be sure you have the San Pancho rental of your choice, as well as a tour or two!

Summer Rates
Most of the X-pats leave before Easter, or what is known in Mexico, Semana Santa. What this can mean for you, is that the summer rental pricing is here, making your San Pancho vacation that more affordable! The clean San Pancho beach is beautiful, and you will find a lot of wild life in the estuary and the jungles. Click on the photos and links for more fun pictures in the photo gallery, and information about the businesses and rentals in San Pancho, Nayarit.

Maria’s Restaurant and Bar is open all summer long with live music on Friday evenings. Enjoy the outdoor patio and beautiful indoor ambiance at this San Pancho restaurant local’s favorite hangout.They offer a large variety off the menu serving up breakfast lunch and dinner! Whether it’s a smoothie, or a cocktail from their full bar, you know it’s going to be good. The food is a ‘constant delicious’ which is why Maria’s is open almost all year.
Maria’s Restaurant and Bar are open 6 days a week…they take a break on Wednesday’s and are closed that day.
Discover why Maria’s family owned and operated San Pancho restaurant is the local’s favorite and stop in for a bite. It is best to make dinner reservations on Friday’s due to the fantastic music played by the Mango Duo.. Alfredo and Zoe!

Ceci Horseback Riding and Vaulting San Pancho
Discover how much fun Horseback Riding and Vaulting lessons
in San Pancho can be with Ceci Horseback Vaulting San Pancho at the amazing La Patrona Polo Club this summer!
These horseback riding lessons are valuable as they help children and adults with their balance, coordination and motor skills. Its also a lot of fun!

San Pancho Horseback Riding and Vaulting  lessons are conducted at the San Pancho La Patrona Polo Club, which is secure, insured and a beautiful property.

Ceci is from Guadalajara Mexico. A professional horseback riding instructor,d and Ceci has created a Pilates program for vaulting on horseback. San Pancho Horseback Vaulting lessons are a perfect way to be introduced to the world of horses for children and adults alike. Your children will be amazed with what they can do, and have fun!
Ceci and her husband Salim have two wonderful children of their own; a very beautiful family.  Discover Ceci’s Horseback Vaulting San Pancho at La Patrona Polo Club today.

Entreamigos–A Non-profit Organization for children in San Pancho
Summer fun is just around the corner, and as usual, there´s a lot of cool things going on at Entreamigos, and we can´t wait to share them with you!
We would like to give special thanks to La Patrona Polo Club and teachers Pablo and Ceci for the awesome horse riding classes! Our children love them and are getting super good at it!
We also want to recognize Gilles St. Croix and Monique Voyer for their continued support to our Circo de los Niños. This lovely and soulful project has come a long way since it began in 2011; the kids have been invited to nearby towns to perform in special events and had an amazing show here in San Pancho for children´s day.
Fun Events this Summer
And even though a lot of our friends have left Mexico, we will be receiving some very special guests from Mexico City. and Guadalajara! College students from prominent universities: Universidad Iberoamericana and ITESO, will be with us for two6210071440 162249d72b e1317939252854 Our Facility  months, working in some very interesting projects that will make a big difference in our beautiful town! Their interest in working with us makes us feel happy and proud, because the work that we have all done together is reaching new and different places in the country.
We also want to welcome the lovely ladies from Smile project to Entreamigos. The Camosun College Dental Program students come all the way from British Columbia to offer free clinics and service to children and families in San Pancho.
We have been receiving groups from the Tourism Dept. of Nayarit in our building every Sunday as well. Congratulations to Estibaliz for all her hard work on these tours! These efforts give a big boost to the environmental and touristic industries in San Pancho.
May Activities:

ReMade. A celebration of raw recycled materials.
May 24th, 7PM, at Entreamigos.
During the last two months Industrial Design Professor Arunas Oslapas and his wife Katherine have been working together with local women to design a new line of products for the Imaginarte gallery.  It is amazing, a few items will be for sale! 
Kindergarten Face Lift Project!

May 25th, 9AM-1PM, at the San Pancho kindergarten.
Entreamigos together with 25 volunteers from World Ventures invites everyone to join us to create a beautiful new mosaic on the front wall of the school and do some much needed painting and repair work in the bathrooms.
Great News!6209396941 8e984e8067 m Artist and Student Exchange
Entreamigos workshop and our very own Youth Entrepreneur Program were selected to receive a $10,000 usd grant from the Left Tilt Fund! The grant is given in the spirit of empowering social equality. The small businesses that the youth are creating fit the criteria as these kids work hard  to create businesses that become one of the funding sources for their college education. The grant will enable us to include more students in the program, buy important machinery and expand the support and professional network dedicated to the development of the kids, their business and their skills.
Summer Workshops 2013!

We are planning and looking for teachers for our 2013 summer workshops! An extraordinary experience you should not miss! We also need sponsors so every kid in town can come and participate. With $50USD you can give a child the chance to enjoy these 4 weeks of learning and fun.  Please visit our website and click the paypal button to sponsor a kid. Friendly Reminder:
Entreamigos needs that great stuff you no longer use for our Recicla shop. Kitchenware, bath & bed items, clothing, jewelry, shoes, toys, etc…If it works we can use it! Your donated goods will help us collect money to fund our current programs. We will keep you posted. Have a great summer!

San Pancho Bird Observatory
Bienvenidos todos to our second  San Pancho Bird Observatory Newsletter!
This SPBO logolast winter season was intensely good and productive. We had tons of great birds, amazing birder friends coming to visit again and for the first time, and some innovative projects that are helping us advance our bird conservation goals.

First of all, we want to say THANK YOU to all of our volunteers, donors, sponsors and partners; with your support we are constantly advancing our community-based bird conservation strategy.
This issue informs you of the progress and perspectives of our educational, community outreach and scientific monitoring projects.  We at SPBO hope that the information below inspires you to continue supporting and getting involved with our efforts toward bird conservation.  Enjoy your reading!

Muchas Gracias a Todos!!

We would like to thank our supporters for their donations at such an exciting time in the life of the newly created San Pancho Bird Observatory. The programs are moving ahead rapidly and simultaneously. It is with deepest appreciation that we first and foremost recognize our supporters. Their emotional and financial help has fueled our successes.

A heartfelt thank you to all of our cash donors: Amy Shumann,  Robert & Cathy Dailey; Lynda Gilman; John and Michele Gillet; PhotoMichael Moore & Robin Temple of the Three Swallows Foundation; Ellie Rilla & Patrick Laherty; Salvatore Caruso; and Bill & Melissa Roberts and the Western Bird Banding Association.
Another heartfelt thank you goes to our supporters for their generous in-kind donations: Cathy and John Losee; Greg Homel; Mary and Enrique Morales; German Sánchez Vergara; Environment Canada; Seatle Audubon and the Klamath Bird Observatory.
And a cheer to all of the sponsors of our informative-sign project:(please read the Education and Community Outreach section below).
The San Pancho Bird Observatory operates on donations and volunteer labor. We share its admirable accomplishments in this newsletter to give our supporters an opportunity to be a part of the experience of making a difference for birds and people in the San Pancho, Nayarit region.
We appreciate donations at all times as our needs are ever changing.Donate online
San Pancho Bird ID Classes
Every Tuesday at EntreAmigos from 4:30 – 6 pm, Luis teaches a bird identification class to anyone interested. You can drop-in or  you can come every week to learn about a different bird family. Right now about 10 regular students and a few drop-ins identify field markings of a featured bird in the classroom. During the last hour, they practice their skills in the field seeking out the featured bird family with binoculars and spotting scope. Classes continue through June!.
The Birding Chacala Program.
SPBO feels lucky to join forces with the Birding Chacala group.  Volunteers from each group unite to provide guided field experience to children in Chacala schools fostering knowledge and identification of resident and migrant bird species in their area.
The Birding Chacala group compiled educational materials and delivered them to teachers at Chacala Schools. Teachers have creatively used these materials to teach about birds, habitat and conservation in a blended theme with spelling, grammar, reading and math. Students from kindergarten to high school study about birds for a month before Luis, with the help of volunteers from SPBO, Birding Chacala and the school, conducted a field study with the students and their teachers.
Binoculars all around, these children were jubilant and engaged. A few children were gifted in spotting and locating birds by sound. They knew the jungle forest, but they learned details about it from the Birding Chacala and SPBO teams that captivated their attention and inspired their questions. A few of the older boys are perfect candidates for birding internships.
One little boy in the very large kindergarten group proudly assured us of his first-hand experience with birds…Roosters!
SPBO will return to this community to conduct more field studies and to include interested students in birding tours. Perhaps one day, a student from this class will
build a bird touring business for him or herself; perhaps another will go to college to study birds or conservation. We at SPBO are convinced this is entirely possible!
Online Bird-ID Video Series and Community Workshops.
One of the purposes of SPBO’s educational programs is to create stewards and community leaders that fuel the development of long-term ecotourism projects in their communities and who can eventually participate in bird Entreamigos birding classesmonitoring programs that help advance habitat conservation initiatives.
SPBO´s goal for spring 2013 is to create a full series of online bird identification videos that can be delivered, together with supplementary educational materials for different ages and educational levels, though our network of bird conservation organizations and institutions in the Banderas Bay region. The videos, together with the practice acquired during field trips, will help develop bird ID skills and maximize our efficiency by reducing travel time and expenses throughout the region. We already have over 6 communities in the region requesting this workshop and we really want to delivered them!
Here´s a sample video that we recently created:
Online video for woodpecker ID

The Informative Signs Project 

The bilingual informative signs have been designed, printed and now are ready to be placed on the trails! These signs wlil inform locals and visitors about birds and birding routes they will find in the Nayarit coastal region. The signs are vinyl and mounted in wooden frames that will be placed at key public routes for birdwatching in San Pancho. Signs are planned to appear in some of the surrounding communities in the near future.
For more information on past events and to donate on their website, click here!
Thank you for your support!!

Visit San Pancho this summer and cool off on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico.




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San Pancho Spring Weekend Fun Riviera Nayarit

San Pancho Weekend Fun

Spring is in the air in San Pancho, Nayarit. The temps are warming up, with still about one month left until the summer rains come making it the perfect time for a vacation or weekend get-away from the Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City areas.

The clean beaches and beautiful estuaries are a big attraction in San Pancho, and this time of year you practically have them to yourselves! Stroll down main street to the malecon and on down to the beautiful estuary located at the south end of the San Pancho Playa.
Another good reason to visit San Pancho this time of year is that the cost of rentals goes down, and summer specials are in the air.  San Pancho is located just North of Sayulita and Bucerias, and only about an hour from the Puerto Vallarta airport.
Maria”s Restaurant and Bar

A locals favorite San Pancho restaurant Maria’s Restaurant & Bar are open all year around for your convenience, serving breakfast lunch and dinner. The only day they are closed is on Wednesdays.
This San Pancho Restaurant is family owned and operated, a locals favorite for 5 years, and now with the new location on main street with outdoor seating makes Maria’s one of the sizzling hotspots of San Pancho.
Every Friday Maria’s has live music with Alfred and Zoe ( the Mango Duo ) working their guitar magic…a must see show! Tonight they are every Friday from 7-9pm and reservations are recommended. You may call 01-311-258-4439 or use the contact form here.. Come and enjoy delicious food and spirits, great guitar music and a fun evening out with friends and family.

The Eco Conscious Festival of Art in San Pancho
May 2nd, 3rd, 4th are the dates for the festival. A full weekend of fun and activities.
This festival has several purposes:
1. Generate environmental awareness through art: d exposure well 3 is a sample d art (painting, sculpture, furniture,Photo: FESTIVAL DE ARTE CON CONCIENCIA AMBIENTAL2, 3 y 4 de mayoBodega Tres y Bodega Teatro object art, craft, installation, clothes …) made ​​with reused and recycled materials
2. Promote WAREHOUSE THEATER, a space for the performing arts in San Pancho where local artists are supported; national and international artists in various fields.
3. Build bridges and partnerships between cultural community of San Pancho, Sayulita and surrounding areas.
4. Continue the work cultural promotion for 7th year with the Collective San Pancho, this time in collaboration with the Teatro Bodega team and club team Sayulita Beach Shrimp.
5. Keep the winery 3 as a multidisciplinary space, home of artistic and cultural activities promoted by the Colectivo San Pancho.

Thank you! for your community support, and see you this weekend!

San Pancho Rentals
Many rentals close down for the winter season. Finding the right place to stay on your vacation or weekend getaway is important. Here are a couple of rentals that will suit your needs and your budget.
Refugio de Sol Bed & Breakfast serves a wonderful organic breakfast, has new beds, clean rooms with an Eco/zen atmosphere.
The San Pancho Hostel is located beneath the Refugio de Sol Bed and Breakfast.
The San Pancho Surf and Beach Shop is in the front, with plenty of fun suits, board shorts, gear and surf rentals.  are Several bunks that are perfect for folks coming to surf the weekend, or need a place to crash on a budget.
Clean, affordable and run with love and beauty. Contact Axel and Sol today.

Living In Joy with Kathy Blue
Whether living here all year, 6 months or on your annual vacation, having an energy healing session while away can help you to change your perspectives about life. Sometimes it a good thing to do to help you shift more in the direction your looking for in your life.
Kathy Blue is a certified Access Consciousness practitioner and instructor. Click here for more information about the amazing “Bars” work, and vibrational healing that Kathy offers. Her office is just off main street down from Entreamigos. She is a San Pancho resident living here year around. Use her contact form with any questions you may have. Do something good for yourself and clear out that old baggage. The days of suffering can be over!

La Patrona Polo Club Horseback Riding Lessons
Ceci’s Horseback Vaulting San Pancho
Have you wanted to learn how to ride horses? For yourself or your kids? Discover how much fun Horseback Vaulting lessons or San Pancho horseback riding lessons in can be with Ceci Horseback Vaulting San Pancho. It all happens at the amazing La Patrona Polo Club.
These horseback riding lessons are valuable as they help children and adults with their balance, coordination and motor skills. Its also a lot of fun!
Ceci is from Guadalajara Mexico. A professional horseback riding instructor, Ceci has created a Pilates program for vaulting on horseback. San Pancho Horseback Vaulting lessons are a perfect way to be introduced to the world of horses for children and adults alike. Your children will be amazed at what they can achieve, and have fun!
Drop Ceci an email and discover Ceci’s Horseback Vaulting San Pancho at La Patrona Polo Club today!

Discover the beauty of San Pancho in the Spring and Summer…amazing adventures on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico!



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San Pancho Spring Events on Riviera Nayarit

Community of San Pancho Celebrates Life

San Francisco, or more commonly known as San Pancho, is located on the Riviera Nayarit between the towns of Sayulita and Lo de Marcos in Mexico. San Pancho is a small pueblo and is entirely sub-tropical, producing a very rich diversity of life in the waters, on land, and in the air. There is a beautiful estuary at the south end of the pristine San Pancho beach. With the town’s population of just over a thousand people, San Pancho boasts the support of a tremendous Eco-community that is enthusiastic and successful. Scores of different mammals, reptiles and ocean life are actively protected and managed by the broad diversity of people who lovingly call San Pancho home.
Please click on the photos with our logo to see more fun photos, and the links to discover more about our sponsors. Gracias!

Project Tortuga
For nearly twenty years, the San Francisco-based Costa Verde Ecological Group has supported attempts to increaseLeatherback the critically low sea turtle population, and has had much success, including the Leatherback sea turtles which are critically endangeredHatchlings and extremely rare. They had great success this season!  All seven species of sea turtles are endangered and it is illegal to hunt them but many of them are killed accidentally by nets, swallowing hooks, swallowing trash, getting hit by boats, or ….un-accidentally for meat.

On the left is a Leatherback turtle returnin to the ocean after laying eggs. The right photos are the baby turtles just released and heading out to see for their new life adventure.
Check out their website for more information about these turtles and how you can help at

San Pancho Bird Observatory
Over 500 species of birds live and migrate through the vast array of trees in the mountains and jungles.
The SPBO provides bilingual bird ID training for locals and visitors alike.
Weekly lectures on bird ID. Each lecture is focused on a specific bird family or group.

Through an active process, participants get to learn the identification of bird species of the area including main plumage characteristics, calls/songs, habitat type and others identification skills. This program is oriented both to a local audience and to visitors thus SPBO promotes a cultural exchange thru birds. Find out more about bird watching tours at

Entreamigos strives to achieve its mission to increase learning opportunities for children and families in San Pancho6210007540 ed281578fc e1317783369476 Library  through the implementation of educational programs based on principles of interaction and collective community service and action. The vision  of Entreamigos is to provide the children and families of San Pancho with the skills needed to contribute to their changing communities in a positive way. Entreamigos is funded primarily by the private donations and relies heavily on the support of volunteers.

They also have a store with all kinds of recycled products and other fun items. Visit the restaurant for breakfast or lunch as a way of supporting Entreamigos!

Their next outing coming up is:
Orchid Farm Tour at 2pm on March 28th.
Meet at Entreamigos and visit the amazing orchid farm, a hidden gem located in the jungle. This guided tour takes you on a walking trip through one of the most complete collections of orchids in Mexico and on of the only places where you will see orchids in a completely natural environment. Please wear comfortable clothes and good walking shoes, and plenty of water.
Check out Entreamigos website : for more information on how you can help!

San Pancho Events and Sponsors

San Pancho Capoeira Art Festival

For the second consecutive year Riviera Nayarit has attracted the great Capoeira masters, who will offer workshops, baptism ceremonies, rodas, and the culture of this popular and rhythmic martial art in San Francisco, or better known as San Pancho, Nayarit, from March 21st through 24th, 2013.

This time the event will assemble approximately 300 participants from all over Mexico, who are seeking to create partnerships to share the knowledge of all the Abadá Capoeira groups in Mexico, as well to strengthen environmental awareness and reaffirm the presence of Abadá Capoeira, which already has 100 local members.

The rodas, the baptism ceremonies, and the workshops will be led by the guest instructors and will try to promote Arte Capoeira as the main activity of this event, together with a series of workshops to grow organic gardens, in order to generate a greater environmental awareness among all participants.
(Content and photo Curiosity of Banderas Bay News.)

Ceci’s Horseback Vaulting San Pancho

Discover how much fun Horseback Vaulting lessons in San Pancho can be with Ceci Horseback Vaulting San Pancho at the amazing La Patrona Polo Club.  These horseback riding lessons are valuable as they help children and adults with their balance, coordination and motor skills. Its also a lot of fun!

It all takes place at the beautiful La Patrona Polo Club. Ceci is a professional instructor for all ages. Contact Ceci today!

San Pancho Spring Weddings with MaxieVentos Doris
Maxieventos Doris is a company founded in January 2007.  Doris is a serious, honest and responsible wedding planner, business woman, mother and wife. She is devoted to her clients, with a superior eye for detail, organization and all over event coordinating and organization. She understands how special your event is to you! Whether you desire a beach wedding, jungle wedding or indoor wedding Doris does it all!
Springtime is a perfect time for a San Pancho wedding on the Riviera Nayarit. Pricing is lower for rentals after Semana Santa (Easter) and the weather is warm with rains not starting until June. You will feel like you have the beach to yourself! Discover MaxieVentos Doris…Because it will  “Be your Best Party”!

San Pancho Rentals
A lovely zen atmosphere, Refugio de Sol Bed & Breakfast San Pancho Rental located on main street; minutes from downtown and the playa and comfortable distance for walking. Conveniently, there is a market next door and a coffee, “Sweet Sisters,” at the corner, and it is a beautiful garden atmosphere. they offer free bikes to cruise around town. Every morning enjoy an organic meal in a spacious easy living area. Refugio de Sol Bed & Breakfast San Pancho Rental offers an experience that is synchronized with San Pancho – beautiful, quiet, comfortable, and authentic.Refugio de Sol is truly a haven of tranquility, good vibe, and comfort at an economical cost.
They also have the San Pancho Hostel available downstairs, along with the San Pancho Surf and Beach Shop.  Join us for an affordable stay in beautiful San Pancho, where the jungle meets the ocean on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico.

Maria’s Restaurant and Bar
Maria’s is a local favorites here in San Pancho. Join them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have a nice wine selection and a full bar mixing up your favorite drinks, along with great smoothie concoctions! Every Friday from 7-9pm Alfred and Zoe play amazing guitar music and it is recommended to have a reservation. They have outdoor seating as well as a lovey ambiance inside.  A family owned and operated San Pancho restaurant…stop by and say hello to Andres and Maria. Chef Andres cooks with love and enjoys creating delicious cuisine, and manages the kitchen, and Maria takes care of the restaurant and bar, along with their lovely staff. Delicious cuisine, a full bar, fair pricing and magical music…what more can you ask for?

Living in Joy
Kathleen Blue lives in San Pancho and is a Energy Medicine Healer. She lives in each and every moment in the energy of Joy and Love. She is certified in Access Consciousness and Certified Bars Instructor and facilitator.
She is also Certified in Reconnective Healing work, a very powerful energy healing modality.

Kathy lives in San Pancho all year around and is available for appointments. Connect with Kathy Blue to become more present and life life with joy and move forward with your life.

Semana Santa
On Sunday, March 24, 2013 Semana Santa officially begins on the Riviera Nayarit and all of Mexico.
Semana Santa (Holy Week) is the week before Easter, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, March 31st. Semana Santa is the most popular Mexican holiday on the calendar. This is an important holiday in the church calendar because it is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. Since Mexico is predominantly a Catholic country, Holy Week is a very important, and honored.

Many people and students are starting their spring breaks on March 22,  and workers are incorporating a week of vacation time to extend the holiday into the following week, creating two weeks of holiday.

Due to the fact that this is a national holiday for Mexico, everyone gets the week off, and they love to come to the beach, camp, eat play and drink to celebrate.


Discover the joys and diversity of San Pancho on the amazing Riviera Nayarit in Mexico!



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San Pancho Community EntreAmigos Children Art Festival

San Pancho EntreAmigos 5th Annual Children’s Art Festival

Its that time of year again in San Pancho, and EntreAmigos is getting ready for the 5th Annual Children’s Art Festival and Auction on the beautiful Riviera Nayarit in Mexico. There are also more turtles incubating soon to be released, and the Free Spay and Neuter Clinic is coming up in April!
Click on the links for more information for these San Pancho events.
EntreAmigos 2013 Fundraiser in San Pancho

The Fifth Annual Childrens Art Festival and Auction will be held in San Pancho on Saturday, March 2nd at 6 p.m. This year, the focus is on object art, created by children and well-known artists from the region and the world. Object art is just that–objects like chairs and lamps decorated by the artists and children. Everything about the evening will celebrate the theme “Gracias a la Vida”, honoring the values children learn every day in the community center. There will be live music, dancing and amazing artists taking turns to entertain in what has become one of the largest, most creative and fun charity events of the year!
Friday, March 1st will kick off with a cocktail hour, where live and silent auction with some spectacular items will be displayed. All guests on Friday night are invited to join our town’s delightful Art Walk to see the children’s circus parade and art display on the streets of San Pancho. This San Pancho event is fun for the entire family!

This year, they are expecting more than 400 people from all over the Bay of Banderas and the Riviera Nayarit area to attend our benefit gala, so get your tickets before they sell out!
In collaboration with local hotels and guest houses, we are encouraging visitors to stay in town at a San Pancho rental for the weekend. Please spread the word and invite all your friends to this unique and magical event.

One  terrific San Pancho rental to check out is Refugio de Sol Bed and Breakfast serving a delicious organic breakfast, or the new San Pancho Hostel right downstairs for a clean place to sleep at affordable rates. Both of these San Pancho rentals are about 3 minutes from the EntreAmigos center.

Tickets are 250 pesos (300 pesos the night of the event). Tickets include entrance to the event. Food and Drinks will be available for purchase. For more information, please contact EntreAmigos at or call 311-258-4377.

Community Birdwatching Tour with Luis Morales.

Don´t miss our next San Pancho community birdwatching tour with expert Luis Morales! This Saturday February 9th at 7AM. Prepare yourself to see multitudes of bird species that inhabit San Pancho´s estuary and jungle. A unique opportunity to watch wonderful birds in their natural habitat. Please bring comfortable clothes & walking shoes. The group will meet at EntreAmigos and leave from there.
$300p. EntreAmigos is located on the left side of the main street just past the bridge. Purchase your tickets for the Children’s Art Festival and Auction and Sign up at EntreAmigos for your birdwatching tour today!

San Pancho Project Tortuga
Wintertime in the Riviera Nayarit is supposed to be a time of recuperation for Grupo Eco volunteers.  Nesting seasonOlive Ridley is over and we get a few months to work on maintenance projects, planning the next season and fundraising.  But here it is mid-February and it feels like we are still working (almost) as hard as ever.  We still have about 1,200 Olive Ridley sea turtle eggs (photo left)  incubating in the beach nursery and we are doing hatchling releases several times a week.

Additionally we have the exciting news of six Leatherback nests which were laid on our beaches between November 28th and January 25th.  Leatherback sea turtles are critically endangered and extremely rare so we are very eHatchlingsxcited about these hatchlings!! (photo right) All 6 nests are from the same female turtle. This species typically lays 4-10 nests– 9 days apart, but they only nest about once every 5 years.   Two of the nests have hatched so far and the next one should hatch on February 25 or 26.  These nests are on remote beaches and the eggs cannot be moved, so to checking them requires a lot of time and a lot of  beach walking, but it is worth it when we finally see a healthy nest emerge.  Also the local fishermen have been reporting seeing a lot of Green Turtles in the ocean at night as they fish for squid.  Green Turtles do not nest in San Pancho, but it is nice to know they are out there and in good numbers.  All seven  species of sea turtles are endangered and it is illegal to hunt them but many of them are killed accidentally by nets, swallowing hooks, swallowing trash, getting hit by boats, or ….unaccidentally for meat.

For more information about the turtle program, visit our website:
Or you can see our day to day work on Facebook at: San Pancho Turtles 

Free Spay and Neuter Clinic Coming in April
The San Pancho Spay and Neuter Clinic is coming in April, so lets support this free event as much as possible! You can help by donating your time, monies or bring food for lunch and snacks for the workers.
The FREE Spay and Neuter Clinic will take place on April 17-20th.
The location will be at Club de la Tercera Edod, behind the park. Donating  monies, your time, or prepare food for all of the working volunteers is greatly appreciated.

This photo of this Mexico street dog (right) named Juno, was saved in Mexico City by Jennifer Schmidt;. Read her  story on how they saved each others lives. It’s a truly wonderful story indeed, and brought tears to my eyes.

You can contact Judith Anderson at Serendipity Gallery located on Tercer Mundo #25. She has the sign up sheet for volunteers.
Please bring your cats and dogs; so San Pancho can be a healthier place to live for our pets and other animals, and helps prevent the overpopulation of wild dogs and cat. This is a FREE EVENT! Please contact Irma Curiel at 322-127-4627 cell or email Betty at
Thank you!

San Pancho is a wonderful small community on the Riviera Nayarit. If your looking for a quiet beach and beautiful estuary with a large variety of wildlife, then San Pancho is the perfect location for your Riviera Nayarit vacation!
Come and discover San Pancho, and have fun while you support the San Pancho community.

Discover the beauty of San Pancho on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico.

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San Pancho Hostel Rental on Riviera Nayarit

The New San Pancho Hostel Rental in Mexico

There is a new San Pancho Hostel rental that has recently opened their doors and welcomes people to come on over and check them out! San Pancho is located on the beautiful and amazing Riviera Nayarit in Mexico, where the jungle meets the ocean. The San Pancho Hostel rental is located under the San Pancho rental Refugio de Sol Bed and Breakfast, on the right side coming into town. The San Pancho Hostel rental is having a special this weekend, which is perfect timing with the San Pancho Music Festival coming up on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The San Pancho Hostel Rental is Now OPEN!

The San Pancho Hostel rental special for this weekend is book your room for Saturday, and get Sunday FREE! And, also have a late checkout on Monday! Now, that’s a sweet deal!Click here to leave them a message  or give them a call to reserve your space. If you feel that you would like a separate and more privater room, the Refugio del Sol has a lovely Bed and Breakfast upstairs, serving organic food. Another extra added bonus is that they have free bike rentals for your use while staying at the San Pancho Hostel rental, or the Refugio de Sol Bed and Breakfast. They are great for getting around San Pancho for shopping and going to the beach.

The San Pancho Hostel rental also has opened a San Pancho Surf and Beach Shop in front, with tons of great bathing suits, surf board rentals, fins and masks, fins for Boogie Boarding…and so much more!
Stop by and check them out and say hello!


San Pancho Music Festival 2013

This year Friday, Feb. 22nd through Sunday, Feb. 24th in San Francisco, Nayarit, or better known as San Pancho, Mexico, is the San Pancho Music Festival. They are celebrating their 13th year, and as always there will be no charge to the public due to the gracious contributions of the performing artists. The event will take place at the Plaza del Sol, right off of main street on the left as you come into town.

The Music Festival will feature performing artists from the region of Riviera Nayarit, Mexico, as well as musicians from the United States and Latin America. The event will begin at 5pm each day, with performances up until
11pm each night. The schedule below has been confirmed, but last minute changes to the performances is possible. Click here are some great photos from last years event….

Remember, the Music Festival is free of charge, and it is mostly festival seating. So bring your chairs and coolers to enjoy the evenings of wonderful music under the stars. There will be food vendors with tacos and Mexican fare for sale, and the liquor store is right across the street.

Friday 2/22
5pm – Folkloric Dancers
5:45pm – Juan-Ted (rock-n-roll, blues, pop, guitar)
6:30pm – Frida’s Eyebrow (blues, folksy ballads)
7:15pm – Pantera Fantasma
8pm – Dave Fisher & the 8 O’Clock Band (folk, ballads, guitar)
8:45pm – Los Bertos y Las Muses
9:30pm – The Duvalin Band (classic rock, pop)
10:20pm – Atrakadero (Latin ballads and Banda)

Saturday 2/23
5pm – Leonardo (Swedish hang)
5:45pm – Joe Hadlock (jazz, pop, keyboards)
6:30pm – Uiok and Friends (classic, new age, pop)
7:15pm – Werther Ellerbrock (blues, pop, rock, guitar)
8pm – Jeff Oster (smooth jazz, trumpet & fluglehorn)
8:45pm – Steve O’Connor & Doug Robinson (jazz, keyboards)
9:45pm – Banderas Bay Jazz Allstars (jazz)
10:15pm – Jam Session
Jeff Oster, trumpet
Chas Eller, keyboards
Bryan Savage, alto sax
Steve York, bass
Werther Ellerbrock, electric guitar
Lazaro Poey, drums
Doug Robinson, melodica
Steve O’Connor, acoustic guitar

Sunday 2/24
5pm – to be announced
6pm – Luna Rumba
7pm – Tatewari (flamenco)
7:45pm – Beto, Carlos, and Carlita (traditional ballads)
8:15pm – Latcho & Andrea, The Blonde Gypsies (flamenco, gypsy boogaloo)
9:15pm – Los Compas (Nortena music, Latin)
10:30pm – Mariachi / folklorico

Come on over to San Pancho to celebrate the 13th Annual San Pancho Music Festival this weekend, from February 22nd through the 24th. Its always a great time!
Book your San Pancho Hostel rental or the Refugio de Sol Bed and Breakfast. These are both very new, clean and affordable San Pancho rentals. Their location is very convenient as its right down the street from the music festival on main street.  It’s hard to beat the price of a 2 for 1 deal!

Discover San Pancho and the new San Pancho Hostel rental, San Pancho rental Refugio de Sol Bed and Breakfast, and the San Pancho Surf and Beach Shop, all on the beautiful Riviera Nayarit in Mexico!

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San Pancho Life in Paradise on the Riviera Nayarit

San Pancho Community Life in Mexico

San Pancho or otherwise named San Francisco, is a quaint town near the mountainous Sierra Madre Occidental on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico. This San Pancho pueblo is considered to be a cultural destination of the Riviera Nayarit as it maintained over the years a traditional Mexican heritage.
The weather was getting cooler, however over the last few days it has really warmed up again! The clean San Pancho beaches and estuary are a lovely place to stroll and enjoy the wildlife. San Pancho life is relaxing and the perfect place for a Mexico vacation.
There is a lot of activity going on in San Pancho! Events, with several new businesses and turtle releases every day! The San Pancho Music Festival is coming up, and the Escuela del Mundo, A.C. non profit preschool and elementary school is having their fundraiser on the Feb 4th. Check our calendar of events for San Pancho community events. Click on the photos and links for more information and more fun pics!

A Night of Flaminco!
Noche de Flamenco – Night of Flamenco is a benefit for Escuela del Mundo, A.C., which is a non profit preschool & elementary school here in San Pancho. it all happens on February 4th, and the cost is $300 pesos per person, starting at 6:00 pm at the Restaurant La Playa down on the San Pancho malecon. Tapas will be made by the parents, and the paella will be made by El Paellero catering.
Performances by Grupo Alegria, Flamenco Company from Guadalajara plus guest dancers from Puerto Vallarta Flamenco schools.Tickets on sale at the school (ESCUELA DEL MUNDO 311.258.4441) or at the door the day of the event.
Entry includes a welcome Sangria, tapas, paella dish and live Flamenco performances. Cocktail / Wine also available for purchase. Proceeds of the event will go towards helping our scholarship program for native San Pancho families attending pre-school and elementary. Escuela del Mundo appreciates the support of La Playa restaurant for donating their space.You may also check out their facebook page at Support our San Pancho school and enjoy an amazing show and delicious tapas & paella. See you there!

San Pancho Turtles and Project Tortuga
In the dark of night on November 28th, 2012 an Eastern Pacific Leatherback crawled out of the sea, nearly undetected, and left her eggs buried deep in the warm sand of  San Pancho. This was only the second time in 15 years that a Leatherback  (Dermochelys coriacea) has nested on this shore, and sadly….. it may very well be the last time.   Ever.   Most scientists agree that Leatherbacks will be completely extinct in the Eastern Pacific in the next 10-20 years.  In 1985 there were an estimated 110,000  female Leatherbacks.  Now estimates stand at less than 1,000.  That’s a 99% loss of population in less than 30 years.  This nest represents this species’ last desperate grasp at survival as it slides rapidly and unavoidably into extinction.  Considering that these creatures have circumnavigated the globe for the past 200 million years– that loss is brutally quick. And brutally final.  Survival techniques that have worked since before the time of the dinosaurs no longer work. The pressures of over-fishing, drowning in nets, entanglement in trash, ingestion of plastics, boat collisions, pollution, beach erosion and climate change have happened so fast the Leatherbacks have been unable to adapt.    When (and if) these eggs hatch –those hatchlings must survive for 15 years before they are old enough to reproduce. The facts are sobering and depressing, indeed, but on the other hand we can choose to view this nest as a beautiful gift and an incredible opportunity to catch a last glimpse of one of nature’s amazing miracles.  The nest should hatch sometime between today and February 10th and we are asking everyone on the beach to help us watch for the hatchlings.  Please call Grupo Ecologico de la Costa Verde anytime 24/7 if you see the nest hatching.  Landline: 311 258-4100 or Cell 322 202 1576.   You can follow us on Facebook at San Pancho Turtles or visit our website at
For more information about the turtle program, visit our website:
Or you can see our day to day work on Facebook at: San Pancho Turtles 

Thank you for your support.

San Pancho Music Festival
The dates have just been released for the San Pancho Music Festival taking place between Friday February 22 through February 24 2013.  The best part is there is no charge to the public. The San Pancho Music Festival is celebrating it’s 13th year and feature different musical artists from the Riviera Nayarit.  Other musicians will arrive from the United States and Latin America. The show will be scheduled from 5pm-11pm every night during the San Pancho Music Festival.
In 2012 Plaza del Sol went through some renovations to accommodate a new stage and create a better entertainment area.  Renovations included restrooms, the portico and the landscape.
The Plaza is now better suited for the ever increasing crowds drawn to the community celebrations and festivals.
For the latest updates to the performance schedule, or for further details on the event’s history and directions to Plaza del Sol, please visit the Music Festival website:

Maria’s Restaurant and Bar
During your stay in San Pancho you may want to check out some of the local cuisine. You will want to stop by a locals favorite Maria’s Restaurant & Bar. Alfredo and Zoe play their Latin style music every Friday. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a full bar and nice wine selection.

San Pancho Rental Refugio del Sol B&B
San Pancho also has a new San Pancho Hostel, the new San Pancho Surf & Beach Shop is part of Refugio del Sol Bed & Breakfast. they are finishing up the final touches, and will be open next week. They also have a new San Pancho  Surf Shop with surf board rentals, boogie board rentals with fins, and really nice bikinis, surf shorts and rash guards available. Refugio del Sol Bed and Breakfast and the new San Pancho Hostel offer free bikes to get around town with, and a wonderful organic breakfast with their rentals. Come and stay in a beautiful and loving environment at Refugio del Sol, and the new San Pancho Hostel and enjoy your San Pancho vacation.

La Patrona Polo Club and Ceci Rosas Horseback Riding and Vaulting Lessons
We welcome Ceci Rule as a new sponsor with us! Horseback Vaulting is Gymnastics and yoga type poses on top of a horse! Its fun for the children and young adults. Really, for everyone who loves horses and having fun! Vaulting is gymnastics and dance on horseback, one of the best ways to introduce people to equestrian sports. Its a perfect way to learn balance and trust.Vaulting lessons are taught by Ceci Rosas Rule, who is an expert horsewoman. Ceci taught Vaulting and Equine Instructor in the Country Club in Guadalajara. She also created their own school of Horseback Vaulting and psycho-motor skills for children and adults that need help in this area. She also has an introductionon program for babies to the equestrian world and also created the sport of horse Pilates, with knowledge of Vaulting. Riding lessons are 260 dollars a month which entails 2 weekly lesson with Saturday being a long instruction day. Discover how much fun Horseback Vaulting lessons can be with Ceci Horseback Vaulting San Pancho at the La Patrona Polo Club. Contact Ceci at 332-227-3439 for more information.
The La Patron Polo Club in San Pancho has a lot of events going on. This Saturday, January 26 is the big Polo Cup 2013 event! Every Friday they also have a happy hour at the restaurant with live music.  Check out their schedule of events for polo and more on their website:

San Pancho Healing Circles
San Pancho also has a spiritual circle for all different kinds of healing. Enjoy a good San Pancho yoga meditation session, a seminar on manifesting your dreams.

Get together with Kathy Blue for a session on releasing emotional triggers so you can feel joy in your daily life. The new office is now open downtown. Letting go of life’s limitations, listening to great music and enjoying great food can all be accomplished in San Pancho.


Support our local schools and events at the San Pancho EntreAmigos. EntreAmigos schedule is quite full. One workshopFundraiser 2012 coming up is COMMUNITY BIRD WATCHING on Saturday, February 9th at 7am for $300 pesos.

Come and see multitudes of bird species that inhabit San Pancho´s estuary and jungle. This is a unique opportunity to watch these birds in their natural habitat. Bring comfortable clothes & walking shoes.
If you are in San Pancho, come see our bodega, it is a magical place, full of hope and laughter.
We are located in Ave. Tercer Mundo #12 and are open Monday through Friday from 10 to 6 and Saturdays from 10 to 2. Guided tours can be scheduled please ask at the front desk.Check out our events on our site: are are looking for volunteers and support. Thank you!

Visit beautiful San Pancho for a Riviera Nayarit vacation, relocate to Mexico for life!



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