A New Way to Receive Mail in San Pancho Mexico

New Mail Service in San Pancho Mexico

A New Source for Mail

Mailbox Etc in El Centro has a great new service for the communities of Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias, La Cruz and San Pancho! Beginning July 16, 2012 anyone who signs up for a mailbox to receive their US/Canadian mail will receive mail delivery to their area! This is a simple, secure way for you to receive your mail, magazines and online purchases while you are on your San Pancho vacation or for the winter months. They will also be collecting out-going mail. They can set up your service prior to your arrival if you are coming in the fall-winter. You can also go in a box together.
Please check for what can be delivered and what is not excepted in Mexico, such as powders (supplements)  and other things.
Please email Jessica Corley,  jcorley61@)msn.com for further information.
This is a wonderful service they will be providing!



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