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Weddings are a very special occasion that should take place at a very special location.  There are plenty of standard wedding options for ceremonies and receptions, but what about something different – something that’s as unique to the union as to the couple themselves? Sweet San Pancho Francisco is a contemporary but traditional beach town on Mexico’s Pacific Coast in a tropical paradise called the Riviera Nayarit. San Pancho is known as the Cultural Center of the Riviera Nayarit as well. Set beside a protected beach cove surrounded by green rolling hills, this storybook town is what fairy tales are made of.  The cobblestone roads and colorful storefronts set the foundation for classic villas and hotels that frame the town. Bilingual local wedding planners can coordinate the perfect beach wedding and honeymoon, taking the hassle out of wedding planning, so when you arrive, the accommodations, ceremony, and reception are simply waiting for you. If you want a special beach wedding, San Pancho Francisco is the place.

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