Ancient Art of Well Being Retreat

ancientartofwellbeing_goldBeautifully transforming oneself through an art of core strengthening, gentle stretching, breath work along with positive guided meditation centered around mindfulness of gratitude. Discover a weekly Well Being Yoga Retreat in Lo de Marcos, or your private home in San Pancho for your personal Meditation Yoga Retreat. Yoga movement that gently flows like the wind helps you to retain your youthfulness & sexiness,stay attractive & sensual, vibrant, energetic, calm, clear, centered, with more peace of mind, contentment, weight loss, boost self esteem, stronger core, vitality, feel better, and look better. Begin where you are.  All beautiful journeys begin with the first step, and whether it is your first step, or returning for a deeper connection with yourself and earth, an Ancient Art of Well Being Retreat will deepen your meditation while stretching and strengthening your body.

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