Marine Nursery and Turtle Rescue Programs in San Pancho

Mexico is fast turning out to be a leader among countries when it comes to the conservation of nature. Nesting and Sea turtle rescue programs such as the ones in Riviera Nayarit give these endangered species a good chance to be able to survive in a world where they are dangerously close to extinction. Visitors are able to see them and learn a few things about protecting sea turtles. They can also be able to participate in rescue programs to help protect these wonderful but vulnerable creatures. The biggest challenge that is an issue with regards to the survival of sea turtle babies is being able to keep eggs as well as hatchlings safe from the deadly grip of predators.

Banderas Bay in San Pancho, Mexico, houses a marine nursery, while Flamingos Beach is where one will find the turtle farm. Both of these locations work towards preserving and protecting sea turtles that make use of the beaches of Nayarit as their nesting areas. The best time to get a good glimpse of sea turtles in their sanctuaries is during the late summer up to the end of fall. This is when the eggs of the turtles are gathered. One can also get to see hatchlings being set free onto the sea at a later time.

Long before the first humans discovered North America, marine turtles had already established the Mexican coastal waters as their nesting areas. Some of San Pancho’s oldest residents still have memories of moonlit nights, where they were witnesses to the amazing sight of several hundreds of nesting turtles dominating the beaches and renewing their tradition of increasing their species. The playas were untouched by modern development then and were the most ideal setting for nesting. Once in a while, Indians from the coast would collect eggs and turtles for food since there was quite an abundance of them.

Because of the growth of the human population, as well as the shifting demographics within the coastal area through the past years, the habitat has significantly transformed itself and affected the cycle of reproduction of turtles in the area, dramatically decreasing their population. There were only about a hundred plus nesting turtles each year due to modern developments along the coast, shrimp fishing, poaching, and even tourism. Conservation of the endangered species is now being undertaken to give protection to these magnificent creatures before they totally disappear from the Mexican coast.

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