Nutrition Health and Wellness from San Pancho Mexico

Alternative Health and Wellness from San Pancho

Health and wellness is important, even when you are on your Riviera Nayarit vacation in San Pancho Mexico.
It is easy to get caught up in the party mode while on vacation and also eating rich and different foods not ordinarily eaten at home. Some folks like to plan a Yoga Retreat vacation for their get-away, not really needing a lot of nutritional counseling, as they have already been down that path, and are continuing with that type of education, and most Yoga retreat centers allow your children as well.  But, for most of the population, curbing ourselves and our appitites can be an issue when we are out of town, celebrating the fact we do not have to go back to work for a week or two!

San Pancho Tailwind Jungle Lodge
is a retreat center located in beautiful San Pancho, on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico. Manager Tamara Jacobi closes down the Tailwind Jungle lodge for the summer, as the jungle brings in a lot of different issues during the rainy season, and reopens in October.  This, however, does not slow down Tamara, as she continues to bring in her wisdom and offer classes throughout the year, promoting health and wellness and helping people to make the small corrections in nutrition that will help create healthy patterns that last a lifetime.
New patterns that can even make it through a two week San Pancho vacation!
Like this 30 Day Nutrition Challenge that can be taken from anywhere in the world.

herever you are, join me on a 30 Day Holistic Nutrition Challenge!

Tamara is a holistic nutrition health coach, and founder of Jungle Girl Health. She has information that will help you to nourish your body, especially for the active person, and for folks that are working a lot and who carry stress.
Also, people with health challenges can discovering the power of Whole Foods for Healing their bodies, creating a solid nutritional foundation for health. Sometimes some simple shifts in your food choices can make a powerful difference in your health overall and how you feel.

This 30 Day Nourishment Challenge that she created keeps your body healthy and energized. andTamara is very excited to share her secrets to this Whole Food Health. Not only will this treat every cell in your body, but is also tasty and fun.
Be open to introducing new foods in your diet and you will start seeing benefits right away! New food choices will help increase your energy, reduce unhealthy crazy food cravings and help your body find its ideal weight.
“Making poor food choices is like throwing sand into the gears of a clock.”

Class Starts July 25th, with an Early Bird Discount until July 10th

The class over view for the month:
Week #1: A nutritional blast for every cell in your body.
Week #2: Superfoods that your kitchen can’t live without! Some clarity in the confusing world of nutrition.
Week #3: Fuel for before and after your adventures and workouts.
Week #4:  Secrets to make nutrition sustainable for your unique body.

Throughout the program you will recieve some great support to help keep you on track. Tamara will also send you handouts, recipes and other online resources, as well as a private facebook page for the participants to share  experiences, as well as personal support from Tamara, and from the other participants if you like.
Be sure to enroll before July 10th to get the early bird discount! And please feel free to contact Tamara with any questions, as she looks forward to supporting you on your nutritional journey of Health and Wellness.

Discover health and healing in San Pancho, move to the Riviea Nayarit for Life!

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