San Pancho / Francisco Rentals

For your benefit, our San Pancho rental listings are classified by number of rooms and type of vacation rentals making it easier to find exactly what you need.

San Pancho Mexico is fast becoming a surfers and vacationer’s paradise. For those tourists looking for a destination that isn’t crowded and offers a rural glimpse of Mexico, San Pancho is the perfect place. Since the town has developed sufficiently to accommodate the growing number of tourists who visit its shores every year without losing its small town charm, there are now more and more San Pancho rentals available that can fit any budget and lifestyle.

If you’re going to San Pancho and want easy access to the beach, then you’ll want to get beachfront accommodations. These rentals are usually more expensive because they offer many conveniences such as beach access, a swimming pool, free Internet connection for guests and air conditioned and well appointed rooms.

Almost all beachfront rentals have a beach view, although not all beach view units have direct access to the beach. However, you can enjoy more privacy in a beach view room compared to a beach front unit. Beach view units offer stunning views of the water without all the noise and activity on the beach but you will need to take a short walk to access the waters.

There are multiple bedroom, bathroom combinations. Rentals start off at a one bedroom, although there are also two, three and four bedroom units. Some rentals are divided into several smaller units. For larger groups and families, some rentals have as many as seven bedrooms and two baths, such as Casa Love. It is also possible to rent adjacent rentals if you need to accommodate a large group.

Beachfront rentals start off at about $120 a night for a basic room, average out at about $220 for a two bedroom or can go up to as much as $600 for a stay. Luxury rentals start off at $1,000 a night, but provide many amenities and have full staff service or even a daily cook for the most discriminating guests.

Prices vary depending on the level of luxury and number of rooms and amenities. Prices go down during the lean season and go up during the peak season of Christmas and Easter. There are also weekly rates available.

If you want to have privacy and have a home away from home, then consider staying at a San Pancho vacation rental so you can truly relax and enjoy your trip.

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