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Free Listings for Studios & Bungalows

Robertos Bungalows - Earl and Jane - 971-239-4120 311-258-4375
Ananda's Bungalows - Geno Lamphiear - 311-258-4285
Refugio de Sol - Maria del Sol - 311-258-4161

What’s Included in Studio Vacation Rentals and Bungalows

With enough space to accommodate 1 to 2 people, studio vacation rentals and bungalows are a nice choice for a couples vacation or a small friends trip. Important considerations are the size of the studio; size of the bed (usually full size in Mexico); if there is a convertible sofa bed or cot to sleep another guest; size of the bathroom; and if there is a kitchenette with basic appliances, dishes, and utensils.  Other amenities to consider are whether housekeeping services are offered and if the studio has fans, enough ventilation, and/or air conditioning.

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