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Food Carts, Stands, and Street Vendors (Vendedores Ambulantes)

If it isn’t already, Mexico should be recognized for its savory, spicy, rich foods that burst with flavor!  Many of these mouth-watering treats don’t come with a hefty price tag and are sold by local street vendors who cook like 5-star chefs. Mexicans are passionate and creative, which is reflected in their delicious low-budget meals. It doesn’t matter that their ‘restaurants’ have no walls.  Since this is a business, they take their craft seriously and proudly display their delectable treats.  Food carts, stands, and street vendors feature a variety of foods that can vary from day to day, ranging from ‘comida corrida’ (home-style cooking) and shrimp tacos to hamburgers and ice cream.  Some provide seating whereas others are eat on-the-go.

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