San Pancho Mexico Birding Conservation Efforts

Bird Conservation San Pancho Mexico & Riviera Nayarit Coast

San Pancho Mexico (San Francisco, Nayarit) is lucky to have Luis Morales, who is heading up the non profit organization and 2nd birding observatory in all of Mexico, the San Pancho Birding Observatory.
The Riviera Nayarit coast line has so much wildlife to discover, and protect, form growth, trafficking and chemicals.
Here is a letter from Luis Morales, discussing these very issues, and the strategy of the SPBO’s  future.

This photo (above) is of Luis at the Bucerias Bilingual Community Center ( BBCC) teaching the children about birding during their Kids Summer Classes this year. Everyone had a terrific time! 

A Note from Luis Morales
With over 300 species of migratory and resident bird species, the Riviera Nayarit coast is perhaps one of the world´s most bird-diverse areas; such diversity of bird life represents an invaluable heritage that has captivated the eye of birdwatchers for decades.
Unfortunately there are several threats to this natural treasure: uncontrolled urban and tourist development, illegal traffic of species and excessive use of agro-chemical products are only a few.
In San Pancho Mexico, the San Pancho Bird Observatory (SPBO)´s  bird conservation strategy involves the creation of partnerships to integrate educational and bird monitoring programs that support sustainable-development at communities.
This model results in job creation in the fields of Eco tourism and science, encouraging professional education and improving the decision-making process for natural-resource management.
As part of an international partnership between the Rotary Clubs of Jaltemba Bay and Ashland, Oregon, USA; SPBO and Klamath Bird Observatory (KBO) got a proposal approved by the Rotary International Foundation to deliver a bird-monitoring training workshop mainly for young professionals in this region.  Such scientific training will take place in early 2014.

As a preparation for such scientific monitoring workshops in San Pancho Mexico, SPBO is developing a program to deliver bird identification workshops using online videos and educational materials at 10 different community centers in the municipalities of Bahía de Banderas and Compostela, Nayarit. Such workshops are being possible thanks to volunteer efforts at each town and the coordination of non-profit organizations, hotels, B & B´s and individuals all over the region:  Cambiando Vidas, Casa de la Tercera Edad, Casa Pacífica,  and  Majahua Resort Tapas Bar at Chacala; Amigos de Jaltemba Community Center, Rotary Club and teacher Gema Márquez at Bahía de Jaltemba; Casa de los Niños and Mar al Cielo Retreat at lo de Marcos; Entreamigos at San Francisco (San Pancho Mexico); Casa Clú at San Ignacio; Casa de la Cultura,(Sayulita Mexico) and the Bucerias Bilingual Community Center (BBCC) in Bucerias Mexico.

Grupo Pro-Sayulita and Steve Pomeroy at Sayulita; PEACE, Punta de Mita Foundation and IMANTA resort at Higuera Blanca and Punta de Mita and Bucerías´Bilingual Community Center.  Besides, the Banderas Bay Initiative
helps with the creation of educational materials.

It is important to mention that despite these unprecedented collaborations, significant funds are still needed to fuel the San Pancho Mexico birding workshops program being organized by SPBO.  Tax-deductible donations are received both in Mexico and the USA; volunteers and in-kind donations of birding books and equipment are also welcome.

For more information please contact Luis Morales at SPBO.
Remember that even many small contributions can make a big difference, you too can be part of this change for bird conservation at the Nayarit coast!!!

Additional notes:
SPBO is part of the Banderas Bay regional bird conservation planning group which gathers individuals from public, private, academic and social sectors in the Bahia de Banderas region. SPBO will be participating at Partner´s in Flight V conference being held at Snowbird Utah in August 2013 which will facilitate implementing bird and habitat conservation programs in this region aligned with continental bird conservation efforts. In March 2014 SPBO is hosting a birdwatching retreat with Audubon Society of Portland which will be a great opportunity to promote such amazing collaborative efforts being made in the region.

San Pancho Mexico, home of San Pancho Birding Observatory, needs your support for the conservation of the Riviera Nayarit wildlife.

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